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Yzerfontein Tourism Bureau

The whitewashed and thatched “Vishuis” (Fish House) is the oldest building in Yzerfontein and is now home to the Yzerfontein Information Office. Yzerfontein Tourism Bureau’s main mission is to provide the visitor/tourist with information about the best...

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Yzerfontein Fish Market

The Yzerfontein Fish Market can be found alongside the main road. Fishermen angle from the beach and rocks, collect mussels, with the small-craft harbour allowing for the launch of boats and jet skis. Permits and licences are available from the Municipal...

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The Historic Lime Furnaces / Kilns

The Historic Lime Furnaces / Kilns - Our own National Monuments. The two lime kilns on the way to Yzerfontein were only built in the 1940's by a builder from the Milnerton area based on the drawings of the original kilns used by van Riebeeck's men. They...

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Die Swemgat

Almost at the end of Dassen Island Drive is a little hidden oasis the locals call Die Swemgat. This Rock Tidal pool is very popular due to its crystal clear water and secluded unspoilt location. Pack in the bathers and the sunscreen and enjoy a relaxing...

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The Bewarea Labyrinth

The Bewarea Labyrinth was created by the Yzerfontein Conservancy and can be located on the corner of Dassen island drive and Atlantic drive. The perfect spot for a panoramic view of the Southern Edge of Yzerfontein overlooking Pearl Bay and Dassen Island....

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Schaap Eiland / Pearl Bay Beach

Schaap Eiland is a little peninsula which is cut off from the mainland during high tide. Have a rest on one of the wooden benches erected for this purpose and enjoy the sea, the peace, the whales and the view of Dassen Island nine kilometers away in the...

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The Lookout (Main Road)

This Lookout Point delivers the best panoramic view of the Harbour and The 16 Mile Beach. This Lookout Point delivers the best panoramic view of the Harbour and The 16 Mile Beach stretching all the way to the West Coast National Park. Dassies, (also called...

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Yzerfontein Harbour

Yzerfontein Harbour is a good place to sit and watch the fishing boats returning with their catch for the day. It is also a good vantage point to look for whales. The Local NSRI Station is situated in the Harbour. This magnificent NSRI station includes...

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16 Mile Beach: Main Beach

Yzerfontein boasts South Africa's longest stretch of beach. 16 Mile Beach, which runs from Yzerfontein‘s Main Beach in the South, all the way up to the start of the West Coast National Park in the North. 16 Mile beach offers whale watching from September...

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