The Bewarea Labyrinth

Cnr Dassen Island Drive & Atlantic Drive

The Bewarea Labyrinth was created by the Yzerfontein Conservancy and can be located on the corner of Dassen island drive and Atlantic drive.

The perfect spot for a panoramic view of the Southern Edge of Yzerfontein overlooking Pearl Bay and Dassen Island. Dassen Island was the first of South Africa’s inshore islands to have a publicly released conservation plan, and remains an important breeding sanctuary for a variety of endangered seabirds. Creating public awareness toward conservation of our landscape and wildlife for future generations to come

How to Walk the Labyrinth
You can walk the labyrinth on your own or with other people. If someone is walking with you, let the person in front of you walk at least 30 steps before you begin. The circular path leads from the entrance to the centre and back again. Unlike a maze, there is no puzzle to solve. You can’t get lost.

  • Relax
  • Walk at your own pace
  • Breath easily
  • Observe your thoughts and feelings
  • Be grateful and Enjoy


  • Bicycle Station
  • Bird Watching
  • Panoramic View of Pearl Bay, Dassen island and Table Mountain