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46 Main Road, Yzerfontein, 7351

The whitewashed and thatched “Vishuis” (Fish House) is the oldest building in Yzerfontein and is now home to the Yzerfontein Information Office.

Yzerfontein Tourism Bureau’s main mission is to provide the visitor/tourist with information about the best accommodation, restaurants, events and things to do in Yzerfontein. Visit the information office and view historic photographs showing life in the village from bygone days.

About 80 years ago this little building was used to store salt. At the turn of the nineteenth century, the only buildings at Yzerfontein were a farmstead and a small thatched cottage known as the Vishuis, where Klasie Pienaar salted harders, called “bokkoms”, which he sold to the farmers. Vishuis at present is the oldest building in Yzerfontein. Minnaar and Annette Pieters renovated the Vishuis in the 1970’s so that we are able to enjoy it today.

The Replica Lime Kiln can also be viewed here. With this replica (on third scale) the Yzerfontein Tourism Bureau attempts to bring this important cultural and historic inheritance to the public. The Tourism Office “Die Vishuis” also form part of the WCEC’s bicycle route and we host a bicycle station at our premises.

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46 Main Road


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